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  • First time waxing?
    Here’s what you need to know: -Yes, it will hurt. But usually not as bad as you think it will, and it gets easier the more you do it. -Make sure your hair is long enough so that we can get the smooth finish you are looking for. This means at least 2 weeks of growth since the last time you shaved, or about 4 weeks since you last waxed or sugared. We are looking for about ¼ - ½ inch of hair (if you cant pinch the hair with your fingertips the wax wont be able to grab it either) - How to prep for your first waxing experience: Exfoliate the day before using a dry brush or sugar scrub to remove any excess dead skin cells. Moisturize the day before or morning of. Take a couple Advil about 30-45 minutes before your appointment and avoid caffeine to take the edge off of any discomfort.
  • What is sugaring?
    Sugaring is a natural form of hair removal using a paste made from sugar, lemon juice and water. It is kept at about room/body temperature and applied to the skin using a gloved hand in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed in the same direction the hair grows. All of this can decrease the irritation you experience after your appointment and can also help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. If you are ready to try out sugaring we do recommend to start with waxing of you have never been waxed before, and if you hair is on the longer side sugaring can be more uncomfortable than traditional wax.
  • Aftercare? What should I know?
    Directly after your appointment just leave your skin alone. Try not to touch the area, avoid heat, friction, or exfoliation for 24-48 hours. If you will be out in the sun, apply an SPF to the waxed area, as this skin will be much more sensitive and can burn more quickly. After 48 hours you will want to start regularly exfoliating (about 3x per week) and moisturizing (daily) in order to prevent ingrown hairs and to keep the hair and skin soft.
  • I’m booked for a bikini service but I have my period, what should I do?"
    Good news, you can still get waxed! We just require that you where a tampon or menstrual cup to your appointment. You may be more sensitive during or right before your cycle, so just keep that in mind when booking your appointment. If you are uncomfortable being waxed during your cycle we totally understand, just please try and give us as much notice as possible before rescheduling.
  • Are there age restrictions?
    You must be at least 18 or older to get waxed at Sugar Babe Wax Studio. If you are under 18 we require written parental consent in order to perform services.
  • Can I get waxed if I am pregnant?
    Absolutely! It is totally normal and safe to continue to wax during pregnancy and we have tons of experience waxing women who are pregnant. You may be more sensitive during this time, and if you have any concerns please ask your physician before making your appointment.
  • Do you wax men?
    Yes we do! Men are babes too. Take a look at our men’s waxing service list to see what we offer. We do not offer intimate waxing for men at this time and we do not wax the beard area.
  • Is there any reason I can't get waxed?
    There may be certain factors like certain prescriptions and medical reasons which you should be aware of before you book with us! You can read all about them here!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A non-refundable 30% deposit is required at the time of booking. You can reschedule your appointment and your deposit will be transferred over to your future booking. If you are unable to reschedule, please contact us as soon as possible. Appointments with unpaid deposits will be cancelled 24 hours before appointment time.
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